Introducing Gemquest vr

GemQuest VR is a virtual reality game that starts with the player finding themselves on a fantastical island with their fox companion. To destroy the simulation holding the world captive, players will solve puzzles and battle monsters using full motion tracking and a kickass enchanted sword.

Virtual reality is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing at a rapid pace. Big players like Sony, HTC, and Facebook recognize that they need to get more software on their headsets to ensure VR’s success. In order to draw developers to their platforms, big players fully fund projects in return for timed exclusivity. Facebook has made their commitment public, with Mark Zuckerberg promising a $500 billion dollar investment for VR software developers.

Currently GemQuest VR is being developed cross-platform with the Unity Game Engine. Following in the footsteps of other successful indie VR games, we’ll be able to pitch to Facebook, Sony, and HTC then compare offers.

Our current MVP is a step in the right direction towards a functioning demo that will aid in our pitch. The final game will help solve the lack of content problem facing VR.

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