The Game

You begin GemQuest on a mystical island with a friendly fox named Notchi and a broken sword, but you soon you realize that this world isn’t paradise. You’ll have to defeat monsters, gather supplies, and collect powerful gems to survive. As you delve deeper into the game’s finer details, you’ll discover that there are small tears in reality – small holes that offer a glimpse into something more. You eventually find that the world you’re in is actually a simulation called GemQuest, and you’ve been tasked with destroying this world from the inside out. As you peek into every nook and cranny of GemQuest’s levels you’ll uncover the parallel story of one of GemQuest’s creators who met his fate following the same quest as you. Are you ready to take up arms?

GemQuest VR is a virtual reality game developed with the user in mind. We’ve taken elements from across marketing, design, and programming disciplines to bring you a game that will change the industry. Gone are the days of blurry text, pause menus, and button memorization. Gone are the days of input lag, nausea, and VR headaches. GemQuest has a competitive advantage over all other VR games for several reasons:

1) The game offers more than ten times the normal content of your average VR game (which is an average of 28 minutes if you remember from the presentation).
2) Our controls feature one single universal button. You won’t have to deal with a complex button scheme that is of-putting to the casual gamer.
3) Our movement system won’t make you nauseous. The technical term for locomotion is called phasing, but you can think of it as teleportation. When the user chooses when and where to move, and then teleports there, he or she will experience almost total elimination of nausea.

GemQuest promises to be an immersive adventure into a plethora of different worlds, and we can’t wait for you to join us on this adventure.

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